Agreement for education

The implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between

the European Aviation Institute, the training organization of the Romanian Aeronautical Association, and the Civil Aeronautical Authority of The Republic of Moldova has started on 26.09.2020.

The first step was made

by signing an agreement for education with the Technical University of Moldova. The agreement implies the development and implementation of two programs

EASA Licensing Part 66 Program

Students of the Technical University of Moldova who choose additional modules according to EASA Part 66 syllabus conducted by IEA / AAR in partnership with TUM, upon completion of studies and scoring to pass the examinations will fulfil the conditions for obtaining the Part 66 license.

Aviation Management Master Program

The program developed by Technical University of Moldova and European Aviation Institute / Romanian Aeronautical Association will meet all national standards and regulations of the Republic of Moldova and it will be subsequently approved by the National Quality Assurance Agency in Education and Research (ANACEC).

This is only the first step which will be followed by many others steps involving the stakeholders of the Moldavian Aviation Sector.

28.09.2020 12:13