Formal application phase

Formal Application Package

The formal application for certification shall be an application form with attachments containing the information required by CAA RM, comprising a formal application package. The development of the application and the attached documents should have been coordinated with CAA RM certification commission subsequent to the pre-application meeting.

The formal application form shall be signed by the applicant’s accountable manager

Attachments to the Formal Application. The attachments that need to accompany the formal application are detailed in RAC-AOC 0035 & 0040 or AOC Initial application checklist.

Cursory Review of the Formal Application Package.

CAA RM certification commission will make a cursory review of the formal application package to check that the required attachments have been presented, that these attachments address the required information and that the documentation is of an appropriate quality.

During the cursory review, CAA RM project manager may identify the need for additional expertise on the certification commission.

Acceptability of the Formal Application

If the formal application package is incomplete or otherwise unacceptable, CAA RM shall inform the applicant, providing details of the deficiencies and advice on the resubmission of the formal application.

If the information in the formal application package is considered acceptable by the certification commission, the project manager will schedule a formal application meeting with the applicant.

Formal Application Meeting

A formal application meeting will be conducted between the certification commission and all the key management personnel of the applicant, with the objective of resolving any questions on the part of either CAA RM, or the applicant, to establish a common understanding on the future procedure for the application process.

In particular, the formal application meeting should confirm that the management background information satisfies regulatory requirements; it should address any errors or omissions in the application package, resolve any scheduling date conflicts and agree on a process for revising event dates, reinforce the communication and working relationships between CAA RM certification commission and applicant personnel and, finally, determine the acceptability of the formal application package.

It should be understood that acceptance of the formal application package by CAA RM project manager does not constitute acceptance or approval of any of the attachments which will be subjected to later in depth review. The identification of significant discrepancies during the in depth review may require further meetings between appropriate members of CAA RM certification commission and the applicant personnel.

Subsequent to the formal application meeting and subject to successful acceptance of the application package, CAA RM project manager should provide the applicant with a letter acknowledging receipt and acceptance of the formal application.