Document Evaluation

  1. General.
  1. After the formal application has been accepted, CAA RM certification commission will commence a thorough evaluation of all the documents and manuals that are required by the regulations to be submitted to CAA RM. If a document or manual is incomplete or deficient, or if non-compliance with regulations or safe operating practices is detected, the document or manual should be returned to the applicant for corrective action.
  1. The complexity of the information that needs to be addressed in the applicant’s documents and manuals depends upon the complexity of the proposed operation. Manuals are to be provided with procedures for the development, control and distribution of each manual, the means to keep the manual up to date and the means for the publication and distribution of amendments. Manuals shall require appropriate revision and amendment when new requirements, operations or equipment are introduced. Documents or manuals that are satisfactory will be approved or accepted, as required by the regulations.
  1. The set of documents and manuals must be complete and the detailed evaluation of them must satisfy CAA RM requirements before the inspection phase can begin.
  1. Documents and Manuals to be evaluated are:
  1. Flight Operations Division
  1. Operations manual part A
  2. Operations manual part B for each type of aircraft
  3. Operations manual part C
  4. Operations manual part D
  5. Airplane flight manual (AFM)
  6. Flight crew operating manual (FCOM), Standard Operations Procedures Manual (SOPM) or analogical.
  7. Flight crew Quick reference hand book (checklists)
  8. Cabin safety procedure manual (CSPM) and procedures
  9. Bomb search procedure/checklist
  10. Passenger briefing cards
  11. Ground operation support arrangement/contract (Handling)
  12. Arrangements for crew training and qualification (including simulated training)
  1. Flight Operations & Airworthiness Division
  1. Management Acceptance Form
  2. Application for the Approval of Special Authorization sought (OPS SPECS)
  • VFR/IFR;
  • PBN (RNAV, RNP);
  • MNPS;
  • RVSM;
  • LVO;
  • ETOPS;
  • Dangerous Goods;
  • NVIS;
  • HHO;
  • HEMS.
  1. Master Minimum Equipment list & Minimum Equipment list (MMEL & MEL)
  2. Configuration deviation list (CDL)
  3. Subpart Compliance List
  4. Lease Agreement
  1. Flight Operations & Quality Control Division
  1. Quality Manual
  1. Flight Operations & Legal, Rulemaking and Human Resources Division
  1. Lease Agreement
  1. Flight Operations Division & SMS Service
  1. Safety Management System Manual (SMSM)
  1. Airworthiness requirements.

Refer to Airworthiness Division

  1. Economical requirements

Refer to Economic Affairs and Analysis Division

  1. Legal requirements.

Refer to Legal, Rulemaking and Human Resources Division

  1. Aviation security.
  1. Security program