CAA Safety Statement

Aware of the ultra safe nature of the International Aviation System and of the sustained efforts of all stakeholders to maintain this high level of safety, the CAA of the Republic of Moldova embraces the philosophy and policy of the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO and the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA.

Reflecting these international bodies’ standards and recommended practices CAA of the Republic of Moldovawill ensure the highest level of safety in the Moldovan aviation system. Mindful of Moldova's state safety programCAA of the Republic of Moldova will:

  • Develop and implement strategies and processes to ensure that all aviation activities under oversight will achieve the highest level of safety performance;
  • Contribute to the development and promulgation of a national safety legislative framework and applicable operating regulations for the management of safety in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Support the management of safety in the Republic of Moldova through an effective hazard reporting and communication system;
  • Establish the provisions for the protection of safety data collection and processing systems and in-depth analysis of safety data;
  • Interact effectively with service providers in the resolution of safety concerns;
  • Communicate the CAA of the Republic of Moldova safety policy, with visible endorsement, to all staff;
  • Enforce the management of safety as a primary responsibility of all managers and employees;
  • Clearly define for all staff, managers and employees alike, their accountabilities and responsibilities for thedelivery of the organization’s safety performance and the performance of our safety management system;
  • Ensure that no action will be taken against any employee who discloses a safety concern through the hazard reporting system, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, an illegal act, gross negligence, or a deliberate or willful disregard of regulations or procedures;
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are available to implement safety strategies andprocesses;
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training, arecompetent in safety matters, and are allocated only tasks commensurate with their skills;
  • Establish an enforcement policy that reflects service provider’s operations in an SMS environment;
  • Be innovative in embracing predictive strategies encouraging all stakeholders to understand the benefits of a safety culture, based on an inclusive reporting culture;
  • Foster and assist stakeholders in developing comprehensive Safety Management Systems and will develop preventive safety strategies for the aviation system in an environment of a just culture;
  • Lead the development and implementation of realistic safety goals for the protection of the travelling public and ensure that a sustainable level of acceptable safety is achieved;
  • Assist all stakeholders in achieving our shared safety performance targets and will participate in all efforts to maintain and improve the safety level of the total aviation system of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Cooperate with national and international bodies and entities in area of safety.

Director General Iurie ARMAS