Same type aircraft, similar or different variant added

For the same type and of similar or different variant variation, the first inspection will be the evaluation of the operator quality system.

The operator procedures shall have at least addressed the following:

Flight crews Considerations.

  1. Added aircraft of the same type and of a different variant. AMC JAR-FCL 1.220 must be applied as applicable to determine requirement for differences training. Difference training will include acquisition of additional knowledge and also will include training on a flight training device, a flight simulator or aircraft. An assessment will be conducted against the comparison aircraft currently operated to determine the extent of training required. The assessment will address aircraft in general, systems, Maneuvers and determine the procedures and handling characteristics effects, if any AMC JAR-OPS 1.980 (b) must be used as a guide to determine the extent of the training and type of training device used. A proposal will then be submitted to address credit, if any applied to recurrent training, checking and recent experience of one variant as being valid for another variant.
  2. Added aircraft of the same type and similar variant. Differences in training, or as minimum familiarization training will be required. Familiarization training includes the acquisition of additional knowledge without the use of training Device. The level of training required will then be categorized as difference training or familiarization training depending on the requirement of a training device.
  3. JAR-OPS 1.950 (a) (ii) differences training could also be required when changing equipment or procedures on variants currently operated. This evaluation must be made without regard for the segregation indicated between certain groupings of variants in AMC JAR-FCL 1.220 where it is indicated that no differences training is required. The term similar variant used above is used to define these groupings of variants.

Cabin crew considerations.

The following will be assessed on the added aircraft:

  1. Emergency exit operation.
  2. Location and type of portable safety equipments.
  3. Type/variant specific emergency procedures.

The Factors assessing the items above will be as follows:

  1. Emergency exit operation must be similar to the following operations:
  • Exit Arming/Disarming.
  • Direction of movement of the operating handle.
  • Direction of exit opening.
  • Power assists mechanism.
  • Evacuation assists means (eg. slides).

  1. Location and type of portable safety equipments must be similar. Type of portable safety equipment will be assessed and determined as similar if the equipment requires the same method of operation. Location will be assessed as similar only if all the portable safety equipment is in the same location in the exceptional circumstances substantially the same location could be acceptable. Portable safety equipment includes:

  • Firefighting equipment.
  • Protective breathing equipment.
  • Oxygen equipment.
  • Megaphones.
  • First aid equipment.
  • Survival and signaling equipment.

  1. Type / variant specific emergency procedures must be similar for the following:
  • Land and water evacuation.
  • In-Flight fire.
  • Decompression.
  • Pilot incapacitation.

If the assessment of the added aircraft is not found similar per the above criteria, in all areas (emergency exit operation, location and type of portable safety equipment, type / variant specific emergency procedures) the aircraft will be considered different type. Cabin crew members and crew members other than flight crew as applicable will then complete the conversion course for the added aircraft. The cabin crew member’s recurrent training will also include the new type.

If the cabin crew members and crew members other than flight crew, as applicable, are already operating on the maximum number of types allowed by JAR-OPS 1.1030, or to reduce training costs the company will consider alternative options. These options could include relocating certain emergency equipments, if this was factor in new type determination or adjusting cabin crew assignments so only certain crew will be qualified and assigned to the new type.

Maintenance Consideration. Refer to Airworthiness Team Member.