Examination of aviation personnel

Planning examination sessions

(on providing, revalidation and renewal of certificates, qualifications and authorizations for aviation personnel)

Passing theoretical exams.

Theoretical exams that the applicant must pass are established by the main Examiner depending on the request.

The full examination for granting certificate of crew member or on qualification for instrumental flights includes exams in each subject in accordance with the requirements of RAC-APL.

The duration of the examination during the working day should not exceed three hours. The duration more than three hours can result in incorrect answers due to tiredness of the person who takes the exam, but not because of lack of the knowledge of correct answers.

Oral examination cannot be held instead of the written one or in electronic form.

The authority provides the candidate schemas, maps, informing materials and equipment required for questions answers.
Before the beginning of the exam the candidate must present the ID to the Examinator.

The content of the examination sheets is strictly confidential; therefore before the beginning of the exam the candidate cannot be acquainted with the examination database and is not given the report of the examination as well.

If the candidate breaks the rules of passing the exams (use of unauthorized information materials, electronic means, prompting) the exam is interrupted and the attempt is not considered acceptable.

Examination sessions are held during the consulting hours, at the candidates requests. Applications may be submitted personally or at the phone number +373 22 823 632, with at least three days before the requested examination.