Operation Specification Approvals


Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova (CAA RM) is the responsible body for the issue of a specific approval for Air Operator Certificate holders (AOC).

Application for a Specific Approval.

(a) Applicants for the initial issue of a specific approval shall provide CAA RM with the documentation required, together with the following information:

(1) The official name and/or business name, address and mailing address of the applicant.

(2) A description of the intended operation.

(b) Applicants for a specific approval shall provide the following evidence to the CAA RM:

(1) Compliance with the requirements of the applicable JARs and RAC’s.

(2) That the aircraft and required equipment fulfill the applicable airworthiness requirements.

(3) That a training program has been established for flight crew and, as applicable, other personnel involved in these operations.

(4) That operating procedures have been documented.

(c) Operators shall retain records relating to the requirements of (a) and (b) above at least for the duration of the operation requiring a specific approval.

Privileges of an Operator Holding a Specific Approval.

The scope of the activity that the operator is approved to conduct shall be documented and specified in the operations specifications of the AOC.

Changes to Operations Subject to a Specific Approval.

When the conditions of a specific approval are affected by changes, operators shall provide the relevant documentation to CAA RM and obtain prior approval for the operation.

Continued Validity of a Specific Approval.

Specific approvals will be issued for an unlimited duration and will remain valid subject to the operator remaining in compliance with the requirements associated with the specific approval.

The Specific Approvals :

  1. Performance-based navigation operations (PBN).
  1. Operations with specified minimum navigation performance (MNPS).
  1. Operations in airspace with reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM).
  1. Low visibility operations (LVOs).
  1. Extended range operations with two-engine airplanes (ETOPS).
  1. Transport of dangerous goods.
  1. Electronic Flight Bag (EFBs).

Specific Approval Process Guide.

Step 1 – Pre-Application Phase.

The operator initiates the approval process by reviewing the requirements, establishing that the aircraft, the operating procedures, the maintenance procedures and the training meet the requirements; and developing a written proposal to CAA RM.

Step 2 – Formal Application Phase.

The operator submits the formal, written application for approval to CAA RM, which appoints a project manager.

Step 3 – Document Evaluation Phase.

CAA RM project manager and the assigned team evaluate the formal, written application and application attachments for approval to determine if all the requirements are being met.

Step 4 – Demonstration and Inspection Phase.

During a formal inspection by the project manager and the assigned team, the operator demonstrates how the requirements are being met.

Step 5 – Approval Phase.

Issue of the approval to include approval of operations manual amendment, operations specification and Letter of approval