New Type of Aircraft added

For the new type of aircraft added variation, the first inspection will be the evaluation of the operator quality system.

The operator procedures shall have at least addressed the following:

Flight Crew Consideration.

  1. Training.

  1. As added aircraft of a different type the fight crew must undergo a type rating course at an approved TRTO/FTO or the operator approved training facility and Operators’ conversion course. The Operations Manual Part D shall be amended to include the new type of aircraft and submitted for approval. If the flight crew is intended to operate more than one type their training and checking must conform to JAR OPS 1.980 “operation on more than one type or variant”. The Operations Manual part D will need a revision if the procedures have not yet been included.
  2. To conduct the line flying under supervision and line checking portion of the conversion course, commanders with experience on the type will need to be used from outside the company if non within the company holds an applicable type rating and have sufficient experience. These commanders need to be submitted for CAA RM acceptance prior to being authorized to conduct the line flying and line checking. These commanders need to satisfy the requirement of JAR OPS 1.940 appendix 1, and Acceptable Mean of Compliance “Line Training Capitain” crewing inexperience flight crewmembers.
  3. The company captains will need to obtain the minimum number of hours in left seat with the line training captains and check in the right seat, prior to the company first officers being released for unrestricted duty. The plan to address this issue should be included with application for addition of new type.
  4. First officers may be scheduled for flight duty with the qualified captains and checkers restricted duty.
  5. It is important that these captains and check personnel, if contracted, undergo the appropriate portions of the company conversion course.

  1. Simulator.

  1. The simulator chosen for the training shall be compatible with the cockpit configuration and equipment of the specific aircraft being acquired.
  2. A comparison between the simulator and aircraft shall already have been accomplished by operator management to determine acceptability.
  3. As a minimum, the training post holder shall submit original detailed photographs of cockpits of the simulator and the applicable aircraft with a report listing the differences between them.
  4. CAA RM flight operations inspector will then determines if the simulator is compatible for training.
  5. Before the initial type rating training begins determination has been made whether any differences or familiarization training are required to be added to the conversion course. If it is determined that differences training is required, the simulator may not be fit for the use of recurrent training. It is important for the operator considers these issues before applying for new aircraft type induction.

Cabin Crew Consideration. Cabin crew members will need to complete the conversion course for the new type before being assigned duties on aircraft. The Operations Manual Part D shall be amended to include the new type of aircraft and submitted for approval. All necessary training shall be done for the new aircraft type.

Maintenance Consideration. Refer to Airworthiness Team Member.