Economic requirements for aerodromes certifying

Authorization of civil aerodromes is performed according to civil aviation regulation RAC-CAO "Aerodromes regulation", 01/August, 2002 edition, approved by CAA No. 48/GEN of 16.08.2002, published in Official Journal No. 121/279 of 22.08.2002, as amended and supplemented..

Economic evaluation of the applicant

Initial application, validity extension of the Certificate of aerodrome operator and its amendment
Economic requirements Meeting economic requirements by the applicant
1. Existence of bank confirmation regarding the solvency of the applicant and availability of sufficient funds. Extract of bank account.
2. Business plan for aerodrome operation with a view of at least 1 year.
3. Demonstration of financial resources availability sufficient for aerodrome operation insurance.
  • Financial results (income and expenses) monthly planned for next 6 months from the estimated date of the activity initiation;
  • Monthly cash flow forecasted for 6 months (receipts and payments) and achievement of Business Plan;
  • Possible covering sources of the estimated necessary financial resources;
  • Financial resources available to the entity (own or borrowed) identified by the applicant;
  • Structure and size of the own sources.
4. Copy of liability Insurance Agreement covering aviation risks related to aerodrome operation.