Authorized area of operations is modified.

Variation for authorized area of operation is applicable for:

  1. Non schedulable operator application for changing area of operations.
  2. Schedule operator application for adding a new route, if the new route is outside the authorized area of operations.

For the authorized area of operations variation, the first inspection will be the evaluation of the operator quality system.

The operators procedures shall address at least the following:

  1. The adequacy of the operational control and maintenance arrangements within the proposed area of operations.
  2. The operation manual shall be modified to reflect any required changes.
  3. The general suitability of the aircraft to be used , in particular :

  1. The performance capability of the aircraft.
  2. The need for any special equipment.
  3. The aircraft systems and the level of redundancy of those systems in regards to extremes of weather and climate.
  4. The need for any additional dispatch restrictions with regard to the MEL, and flight follow up requirements.

  1. Any special training required for exposure to weather or climatic conditions likely to be encountered, and compliance with special rules (e.g. MNPS, ETOPS, and RNAV).
  2. Any non-Standard ATC requirements such as New Phraseology, altitude clearances in meters, different measurement for altimeter settings, wind speed, visibility.
  3. Navigation and communication facilities available over the routes proposed and the associated equipments of the aircraft.
  4. The adequacy of aerodromes within the proposed area and the availability of current maps, charts, and associated documents or equivalent data.
  5. The availability of adequate search and rescue facilities and the need to carry special survival equipments and the need for training in its use.

Maintenance Consideration. Refer to Airworthiness Team Member.