AOC Restriction Variation, Suspension or Revocation


An AOC or OPS SPECS will be varied, suspended or revoked if CAA RM can no longer be satisfied that the operation is safe. The circumstances which might lead CAA RM to this course of action are too many or varied to be listed. CAA RM inspection and monitoring process may serve to confirm CAA RM continued confidence in the effectiveness of the operator's Quality System and his ability to conduct a safe operation. If CAA RM is not satisfied, the operator will be informed in writing within 5 working days of the details of the conduct of his operation which are causing CAA RM concern. CAA RM will require remedial action to be taken within a specified period.

In the event that an operator fails, in spite of a second warning and advice, to satisfy CAA RM concerns, a final written warning will, whenever possible, be given to the operator together with a firm date by which specified action to satisfy CAA RM must be taken. It will be made clear that failure to satisfy CAA RM will result in action against the operator, including enforced variation or suspension of the AOC or OPS SPECS.

Circumstances may, however, preclude recourse to the process described in paragraphs above. In such cases CAA RM duty to preserve safety is of paramount importance and therefore CAA RM may immediately vary or suspend any AOC or OPS SPECS which it has issued.

In general terms, in case the Operator:

  1. Fails to submit corrective actions, for findings issued, by the resolution dates.
  2. Fails to implement CAA RM “accepted” corrective actions, or
  3. There are findings raised in a repetitive basis, or similar findings are raised again in short period after the previous ones have been rectified.

The AOC cannot remain valid and must be varied, suspended or revoked since CAA RM can no longer be satisfied that the operator can maintain safe operation according to the requirements under which he was granted the AOC ( RAC-AOC 0160 & 0170, JAR OPS 1.180 (a) and ICAO Annex 6 Part I

Variation / Restriction.

Restrictions means that the scope of operations as specified in the AOC Operations Specifications could be restricted with a variation to the AOC.

Restrictions can be used by CAA RM, as a tool, to ensure continuous safe operations when the finding and corrective action report forms nature is such that it does not affect the aggregation of operations, but the safety issue it raises is limited to a particular area that can be rectified by restrictions to the Operation Specifications of the AOC.

The operator must inform CAA RM, in writing, of the corrective actions taken, once accomplished, to satisfy the lifting of the restriction. Operations should not resume until the necessary inspections have taken place and corrective actions satisfactorily implemented. Particular checks in quality system, and area that led to AOC variation will be carried out. Once the assigned Inspector(s) have been satisfied with the inspections, a recommendation by the inspector(s), need to be forwarded to the Head of Flight Operation Division and after that forwarded to CAA RM Director. The AOC Holder may not resume full operations until the AOC is given back with the restricted item(s) lifted.


When the finding and corrective action plan report forms nature is such, that the safety issue it raises cannot be rectified by restrictions to the Operations Specifications of the AOC, CAA RM proceeds for an AOC suspension. Suspension involves discontinuance of all operations of the AOC holder stated by the Operations Specifications. In case the operator does not comply with the given rectification period the decision of suspension, a warning will be given, as well, that in case of no compliance within 6 months or any other predetermined period, CAA RM will proceed to the revocation of the AOC.


If an immediate safety concern or the appropriate steps were not accomplished satisfactorily to lift a suspension, the AOC will be revoked.