AOC Renewal

The continued validity of an AOC is dependent upon an operator maintaining the requirements for an adequate organization, method of control and supervision of flight operations, training program as well as ground handling and maintenance arrangements consistent with the nature and extent of the operations specified in the AOC and the associated operations specifications, under the supervision of CAA RM.

The operator needs to apply for renewal of the AOC prior to the expiration date ( Renewal Application Form ). The request for renewal shall contain the same basic information ( Renewal Application Checklist ) that was submitted prior to the original certification and should be received by CAA RM at least 30 days before expiration date of the AOC. Such renewal should not involve a complete recertification procedure and thus will not be an onerous or prolonged process.

Issue, variation and continued validity of an AOC. (JAR-OPS 1.180). An operator will not be granted an AOC, or a variation to an AOC, and that AOC will not remain valid unless:

  1. Airplanes operated have a standard Certificate of Airworthiness issued in accordance with JAR 21 laying down implementing rules for the airworthiness and environmental certification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances, as well as for the certification of design and production organizations.
  2. The maintenance system has been approved by CAA RM in accordance with Part M; and
  3. He has satisfied CAA RM that he has the ability to:
  1. Establish and maintain an adequate organization.
  2. Establish and maintain a quality system in accordance with JAR-OPS 1.035.
  3. Comply with required training programs.
  4. Comply with maintenance requirements, consistent with the nature and extent of the operations specified, including the relevant items prescribed in JAR-OPS 1.175 (g) to (o); and
  5. Comply with JAR-OPS 1.175.
  6. Comply with RAC-AOC 0150 (1)